Canadian Experience Class

Foreign nationals who have a valid work experience in Canada for at least one year can apply for Permanent Residence through Express Entry system on the basis of their Canadian work experience. To qualify, the candidate must have a minimum of one year of full time work experience in Canada in the past three years preceding the application, meet certain language requirements of CLB-7 for NOC O & A and  CLB-5 for NOC B. They must have intent to settle outside Quebec. The program uses a point system to assess candidates.

Minimum requirements

You must

  • meet the required language levels needed for your job for each language ability
    • writing
    • reading
    • listening
    • speaking
  • have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada, in the last 3 years before you apply, and the work experience must be:
    • full-time, or
    • an equal amount in part-time
  • have gained your work experience by working in Canada legally

According to the Canadian National Occupational Classification, skilled work experience means:

  • managerial jobs (skill level 0)
  • professional jobs (skill type A)
  • technical jobs and skilled trades (skill type B)

Your work experience can be in one or more NOC 0, A or B jobs.

You must show that you performed the duties set out in the lead statement of the occupational description in the National Occupational Classification. This includes all the essential duties and most of the main duties listed.

Qualifying for the Canadian Experience Class is only the first step in immigrating to Canada. After qualifying the applicant must create a candidate profile in Express Entry and should wait till an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence is received and then finally submitting their application for Permanent Residency.

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