Why Should You Choose Us?

At Mars Immigration Inc. we take pride in helping our clients make the informed decisions by acting as a single point of contact for all your queries and concerns. Our involvement will help in making the immigration process easier, faster and more efficient for you.

We take complete responsibility from initial assessment,application improvement tools, all the way up to representing and submitting your application to IRCC. Our commitment and association with you do not stop there, rather we help you sail through the entire process from that "initial thought, of moving to Canada till you finally arrive here" .

IRCC and other federal and provincial websites provide you with loads of information and you are not even mandated by law to hire a legal immigration practitioner to represent your case. You can fill up the required forms by yourself too using the literature given over government websites, but most of the time, you’ll find such information overwhelming and you may not know what will work best in your specific situation. We believe that Immigration process is beyond filling forms! It is more about making an informed decision on the following-

  • Why do you want to Come to Canada?
  • What do you need to move here?
  • How does the process work? 
  • When should you start the preparation?
  • Where to find the right information or Who should you contact to represent your application?

What Sets us Apart

What sets us apart from other immigration firms is -

  •  Our unique customer-centric approach apart from our professional accreditation and proven past experience of handling a variety of cases. We believe in the philosophy that “if your desires are fair and you have compelling reasons to come to Canada, you should be given a chance to do so” and we will do everything within our reach and ability to help you find a way!
  • If you do not qualify to immigrate to Canada at the present time, we provide guidance and assistance to help you do what’s needed to apply in the near future.
  • Any immigration firm or a licensed immigration practitioner that guarantees absolute success on your immigration matter is simply misleading you. The fact of the matter is, decisions on immigration matters are completely at the discretion of Citizenship and immigration Canada and an officer making a decision on your matter. Mars Immigration Inc. can however promise you that we will make every effort and do everything within our power to ensure that your case has the highest chance for success as per your unique situation.We would ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services you have received regardless of the outcome of your application.
  • As being in your shoes a while ago, we witnessed that quality legal advice is hard to come by. Did I forget, the $$$$ bills we had to pay simply to know if we qualified to come to Canada? We believe that all prospective immigrants should have a right to seek fair and economical consultation and that is why we offer first free initial consultation for all our prospective clients. You would have come across several immigration firms offering the first consultation only if you agree to pay a hefty fee. We believe that both, service provider and service seeker should have sufficient information before both the parties decide to work together and you should not be charged for any such initial consultation
  • We strongly encourage our clients to fill up the FREE ASSESSMENT FORM so that we have relevant information in place about your profile so that you can make maximum use of the limited time of the first consultation.
  • We provide wholesome solutions using our extended network and channel partners such as real estate brokers, business advisors, chartered professional accountants, marketing research companies, etc.

Let’s do it together

We will be with you at every step of the way from gathering and compiling  documents to submitting your application. You will be guided by an authorized representative at all times who is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), registered and licensed member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) recognized by IRCC.

We truly believe that Canada is an excellent choice for immigrants who wish to have access to a better “Quality of Life”.

Why you should choose an RCIC ?Why you should choose Canada ?
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Our mission is to simplify the Canadian immigration process for you.
Yash Sharma
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.
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